How we work


How we work?

We work together with the project team in an integrated approach between the various disciplines by overlays the different layouts (interior, architectural, structural, systems, fire prevention, lighting, A/V, …) and sharing the most appropriate and technologically advanced choices for achieve the level of acoustic comfort required by the project. We support BIM design, LEED, CASACLIMA, NZEB certifications and much more.

It is the most demanding path that provides a guarantee of the result.

“how”? We’ll take care of it with your team.

An integrated approach

With what we work

with what

The own instrumental equipment allows for an accurate analysis of the performance of buildings, infrastructures and analysis of the context, allowing us to move simultaneously on multiple sites, optimizing the timing for the subsequent drafting of the documents in a synergistic way.

Signal acquisition

  • n. 3 x 01dB, Analyzer Duo with microphone G.R.A.S. 40AE (Class 1);
  • n. 1 x 01dB, Analyzer Fusion with microphone G.R.A.S. 40CE (Class 1);
  • n. 1 x Larson Davis, Analyzer 831 with microphone PCB (Class 1);
  • n. 5 x Larson Davis, Dosimeters SPARKS 706 RC (Class 2);
  • n. 2 x microphones G.R.A.S. 40AE (Class 1) ;
  • n.2 control units for long-term external monitoring with external microphone supports;
  • n. 1 CAE ACOUSTIC – SOUNDCAM, acoustics for images;
  • n. 1 Soundman, Dummy Head, Binaural Head;
  • n. 1 Zylia, ZM-1, sphere with 19 microphone capsules;
  • class 1 and 2 microphone calibrators
  • mono and triaxial accelerometers


  • LOOK LINE, Omnidirectional source
  • NTI AUDIO Talkbox, artificial mouth
  • B&K. Standardized impact sound generator (tapping machine)
  • B&K type 4224. One-way airborne noise generator
  • NTI AUDIO. Minirator MR PRO


  • AFMG EASE v. 4.4 + Aura
  • AFMG EASE v. 5
  • SoundPLAN®
  • Noise & Vibration Works
  • 01dB dBBati, 01dB dBtrait, 01dB dBInside
  • Larson Davis, Blaze software
who we work for

who for

We specialize in the hotel sector, offices, open plan offices, conference rooms, schools, auditoriums, churches, industry, workplaces, restaurants, bars, shops and more.

Some of the collaborations born during our works: