Denise Borsoi


Denise Borsoi, acoustic designer and TCA, is registered in the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the Province of Venice at no. 4457. She immediately specialized in the acoustic field with the known advanced course postgraduate Technicians in acoustics University of Ferrara – Department of Engineering – Prof. Roberto Pompoli and with the following two-year masters in Noise Pollution Control University of Padua – Department of Technical Physics – Prof. Roberto Zecchin.

Thanks to many years of experience gained in a well-known manufacturer of building materials dedicated to acoustic insulation, it has acquired highly specialized know-how in the field of building acoustics with an experimental and design approach and specialist assistance to construction management. From this experience, the desire to support designers and companies in a broader and more complete approach as a designer matures.

Thus in 2012 he founded the Omniacustica studio which has been carrying out technical consultancy activities for applied acoustics in the various sectors (construction, environmental, architectural and EVAC) for several years, establishing its core business in the complex needs of the hôtellerie, soundproofing, school building and delicate recovery/reconstruction interventions in listed buildings.

It has always explored the regulatory and administrative sphere by constantly publishing informative notes on technical updates for professionals and “specialists”. Among the important publications, we highlight the series of technical ebooks “Acoustics in architectural design” published by Wolters Kluwer, “Administrative simplification in acoustics” published by Legislazione Tecnica and numerous articles published in various newspapers.

Leonardo Rossi

Leonardo Rossi, technician specialized in the management of energy systems at the high technological training institute ITS Energia&Ambiente in Colle val d’Elsa (SI). From March 2022 TCA with relative registration in the ENTECA list.

Get in touch with the world of acoustics through a special course included in the training course and, subsequently, after various international work experiences, he joins the ANTEA Associated Firm (engineering, plant design, fire prevention and acoustics) in Pontedera (PI) where he remained for more than 4 years dealing with all aspects related to acoustic design, from the passive one linked to construction to the environmental one.

He collaborates with various technicians and other professional figures until he moves to Venice where, moved by a specific passion for the acoustic field, he begins to work at the Omniacustica studio where he devotes himself completely to this sector.

About omniacustica

what, why

For over 10 years we have been dealing with acoustics, acoustic design and noise abatement in every sector.

There are numerous references of our services for hotels, offices, open spaces, conference rooms, schools, auditoriums, churches, industry, workplaces, restaurants, bars, shops and more.

We are here and we are ready to support you in every project to achieve your goals.

But if you think acoustics can be solved by one material or calculation without teamwork, you’re in the wrong place.

We work to share choices, we get involved and support the project team to achieve integrated solutions.

Acoustic services for every need from design to construction.


Each work is unique and we treat it as such with due care. 

Our mission is simple and clear: teamwork. 

Only with teamwork can the best results be achieved in acoustics. 

For this we find the integrated solution that best satisfies our customers by providing continuous step-by-step assistance in all phases of the project, implementation and final checks. 

Our experience in numerous sectors allows us to always propose the best solutions to solve the various problems in the acoustic field. 

There are not real issues, there are a lot of opportunities.


Acoustics is not a job for us but a passion.
There is still a lot to do and we try to give our small contribution every day: to spread a little culture and consideration for this matter in the various design areas.

Poor acoustic comfort makes environments unlivable, exasperating the people who live in our buildings day after day. Both the residence, the hotel, the office, the school, the theater…

Acoustics is one of our senses and we must take care of it.
It is a made-to-measure suit, a one-of-a-kind piece that is never the same and can make the experience of living an exceptional experience or, conversely, a terrible experience.

Why acoustics?

To design for people.
To go back to giving importance to what we cannot see but which makes us feel at home.