the attention to detail

Integrated consultancy services for acoustic design in the world of construction, the environment and indoor comfort.

We support designers and companies in all areas where acoustic sensitivity is required due to regulations or comfort in the various stages of design to construction, from the feasibility study to execution and final checks.


Acoustics for building

The world of construction is increasingly
oriented to the aesthetic and functional quality of the spaces as well as to sustainability and energy efficiency. In a synergistic and integrated approach, acoustic comfort has now become a non-negligible design element in the various design areas. Attention to detail makes the difference. Solutions with high acoustic comfort specially designed for new projects, renovations and restyling. The goal is the correct acoustic insulation of vertical and horizontal and an adequate level of silence of the systems to ensure full functionality of the spaces.

Residential: noise due to incorrect acoustic insulation of the building as well as not complying with current regulations it can in fact turn into a constant source of stress. Intervene immediately with an adequate design of the structures and systems and an adequate design of the internal acoustic quality

Executive \ Industry: a good acoustically comfortable working environment favors communication and concentration. The result will be better well-being to the benefit of the efficiency and productivity of the company as a whole.

Accommodation / Hospitality: the acoustic design of accommodation facilities requires expertise very high. The coordination between architectural, structural, integration of systems, interiors and acoustics plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing privacy and adequate acoustic comfort between the rooms.

Educational: the evolution of school building, also with the help of the C.A.M. and the new regulations, pays particular attention to the conditions of well-being of students and teachers and to the acoustic comfort of the spaces.

Food & Beverage: very often the noise deriving from increasingly loud voices due to a long reverberation time and a high background noise between systems and background music can become tiring and annoying experiences for guests.

Our services translate into complete assistance to achieve a single goal: acoustic comfort:

* Acoustic surveys on the structures

* Preliminary, final and executive acoustic design

* Ongoing assistance to planners

* Drafting of stratigraphic schedules and sensitive nodes between structures.

* Project layout overlay and criticality analysis.

* Specialized assistance to architectural and plant construction management

Acoustics for the environment

To live in quieter cities, at least in the near future, the issue of noise pollution must be tackled
in an integrated way, agreeing shared policies among the various subjects involved in various capacities. The lack of adequate planning or the presence of systems can give rise to excessive noise emissions which expose the designer and the installing company to certain problems which are difficult to solve afterwards.

What factors to consider?

The factors to be taken into consideration when designing installations for buildings and/or industrial sites should include a careful analysis of the context in relation to the noise level of the systems. Provide a feasibility study to define the most appropriate positioning obviously taking into account the different design requirements as well as the mitigation measures necessary for the containment of noise and vibration emissions.

Our services:

* Preliminary acoustic analisys;

* Assessments and forecast documentation of acoustic impact;

* Short and long acoustic monitoringperiod;

* Acoustic simulations with dedicated software;

* Acoustic analysis for images through the use of sound cameras;

* Acoustic classification plans of the territory;

* Acoustic studies for Vas, Via, Vinca, road impacts.

Acoustics for indoor comfort & Audio

The perfect acoustics?

In a project dedicated to acoustic comfort in interiors, it is necessary to have a clear final destination of the spaces in order to allow for the right balance in relation to use.

Particular attention must be paid to the type of material with reference to the interior requirements, a close collaboration with the project team is necessary in order to achieve an integrated objective and identify the best possible compromise.

Our services:

* Acoustic characterization of halls, theatres, auditoriums;

* Control of background noise, reverberation time and other acoustic parameters;

* Acoustic comfort in public establishments, offices, restaurants, pubs, etc.;

* Acoustic design, acoustic correction interventions;

* 3D acoustic modeling and simulation;

* Instrumental checks;

* Interior study, rendering and graphic restitution of the solutions for the definition of the finishes;

*Design of sound masking and soundscaping systems for comfort and privacy;

*Acoustic characterizations of loudspeaker systems;

*Design of stereo and multi-channel audio systems;

*Environmental measures and development of pre-existing plants;

*Design of rooms for listening to music and audiovisual programmes.

Physical Agents & EVAC

360° approach

Prolonged exposure over time to significant levels of noise in the workplace can cause negative effects on health, among which the best known is the permanent decrease in hearing ability or noise-induced hearing loss, which still today represents one of the most widespread occupational diseases.

We therefore take care of analyzing the various production processes by acoustically characterizing the various tasks by defining the levels of exposure to noise and vibrations for individual workers.

Our services:

*Assessment of noise exposure level

*Assessment of vibrations exposure level

* Evaluation of exposure to electromagnetic fields

* Assessment of exposure to artificial optical radiation

* Spillout studies, modeling and forecast assessments of air pollution and odors

* Design of audio systems for sound diffusion and voice guided evacuation for fire emergencies (EVAC)

* Design of acoustic alarm systems in the open field