On the occasion of its tenth birthday Omniacustica has a makeover and decides to launch the new website dedicated to the promotion of its business and the dissemination of its mission! 

The result of the teamwork of the Caribe Marketing team, the new Omniacustica website aims to represent a synthesis of what has been carried out in the last ten years in terms of work but above all of awareness towards the correct approach to design.

Attention to detail and a completely renewed graphic concept, interactive animations and a news  section rich in contents  and food for thought characterize this new web container designed to tell the experiences of Omniacustica, but also to spread knowledge and create connections.

Omniacustica tells itself to you!

Every day Omniacustica creates integrated solutions together with its partners and customers starting from more than a decade of experience. Ample space, therefore, was dedicated to the story of the solutions  and acoustic projects created for its customers (works)

A new site that is more accessible, simpler and more readable.

The web was born to improve people’s lives. In the words of its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee:  “It was designed to help people collaborate with each other.” 

Its continuous evolution has favored not only the dialogue between users from all over the world, but also the “rethinking” and therefore the expansion of the meaning of concepts such as accessibility, usability, privacy and security.

The future belongs to those who know how to govern this evolution by helping to make the daily habits and experiences of browsing and using content simpler, more accessible and more reliable. 

It is precisely on these essential assumptions that the restyling project of the new Omniacustica website is based.

Welcome to our world


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